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Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions about our attachments. We’ve provided insightful answers to help you navigate our grading attachment lineup. It’s likely that some of these questions are on your mind regarding our products. The answers below should demonstrate how revolutionary our attachments truly are.


How tough or durable are the wing extensions?


“The wing extensions on the ProPlus and ProPlus OS models are designed to withstand the force exerted by the skid steer behind them. In case of impact with an obstacle, a caution security valve, activated under a sudden load, safeguards the hydraulics, minimizing damage to the wing extensions. We take pride in the fact that since our establishment as a manufacturer in 2013, no client has successfully broken our attachment’s wing extensions.”


Can it cut like a dozer type cutting edge?


“All of our attachments are equipped with unique and patented flat cutting edges. These edges provide exceptional maneuverability for final grading and can also cut into various materials, with the skid steer size playing a crucial role in the depth of cuts achieved. Unlike typical dozer blades that aim downward, our flat cutting edges offer precision and control, allowing you to make gradual cuts. While our attachments may not cut as much material as traditional dozer blades, they offer unparalleled versatility for final grading and precise work that other attachments, designed for rough preparation like buckets and dozer blades, cannot match.”


Where can I see one?


“SKEER System attachments are primarily available for purchase directly through the manufacturer. Alternatively, you can find them through authorized online distributors or local dealerships. Please note that our dealer network is currently limited, and online distributors may not always provide the opportunity for in-person viewing. To address this, we can assist in locating past clients in your area who may be willing to demonstrate their attachment. Additionally, we offer live video calls at your convenience, allowing you to inspect our attachments up close and receive expert explanations on their design and functionality. These video calls also provide insights into attachment performance with various materials, based on feedback from our previous clients.”


Can I hook this up to any of my skid steers?


“Our attachments are compatible with track loaders, skid steers, and mini wheeled loaders regardless of the brand. We provide 14-pin harnesses with our attachments, which are pinned to match the skid steer in use. Compatibility is contingent on the skid steer having the necessary optional equipment, namely electrical auxiliaries or hydraulic controls and a 14-pin outlet adjacent to the hydraulic couplers. For Bobcat branded skid steers, a Bobcat harness adapter may be required for compatibility, which we offer as an option. Once these prerequisites are met, our attachments are directly compatible with your skid steer’s O.E.M. functions, without the need for aftermarket buttons or joysticks. If you own multiple skid steers, additional harnesses may be purchased to suit different brands, as long as they have auxiliary functions and 14-pin electrical outlets.”


How do I know which one I need?


“Our grading attachment lineup is designed to enable customers to select the appropriately sized attachment for their skid steers. You can also choose from various options, such as 4-way, 6-way, or Machine Control Ready, to suit your grading applications. Additionally, we offer optional equipment and accessories that enhance attachment performance for specific applications, such as side plate kits and laser indicators. Our knowledgeable sales representatives are best equipped to assist you in finding the perfect fit based on their expertise and experience in helping numerous satisfied customers.”


If there aren’t any wheels, how does it stay stable for final grade?


“What sets our attachments apart is their ability to eliminate wheels commonly found on other final grade attachments. This unique feature allows our attachments to be exceptionally versatile. The secret lies in the adjustable quick attach mechanism, which lets you set the initial position of the cutting edge to match the bottom level and pitch of your skid steer’s tracks or wheels when fully lowered. For final grading, this configuration ensures absolute stability, as the attachment rests against the skid steer’s chassis. Regardless of the material’s weight, it won’t affect the attachment’s alignment. This design simplifies the final grading process, eliminating the need for constant height adjustments. The flat cutting edge provides smooth and consistent grading when in a neutral flat position. When elevation adjustments are required, simply push the cutting edge forward or pull it back to achieve precise grade correction, unaffected by the material being graded. We have several videos that explain this initial positioning adjustment, referred to as ‘Point Zero.'”


What does freight cost?


“While we do offer worldwide shipping for our attachments, we exclusively cover shipping costs for attachments sold directly to customers in the United States. If you purchase through a dealer, additional shipping and handling fees may be charged if the dealer ships the attachment to you from their location.”


 Can we finance SKEER System attachments?


“Yes, we offer financing exclusively for North American customers. American customers can finance through First Citizens Bank, while Canadians have the option to finance through CWB National Leasing. For further details on our financing options, please reach out to one of our representatives.”


Is it just built out of sheet metal?


“Our attachments are designed with a focus on performance, reliability, and durability. To achieve these goals without compromise, we use high-strength Hardox 450 grade steel. This steel is exceptional at withstanding wear compared to regular grade steel and is used in components that may experience friction or abrasion. It also allows us to maintain strength with less thickness, resulting in weight savings. Structural components of our attachments are typically made from regular steel.”


What kinds of applications are these good for?


“Our attachments find utility in a wide range of applications involving grading, including small-scale residential applications like driveways, house pads, and landscaping, as well as farm applications such as barn and shed pads, road and ditch maintenance. They are also suitable for light commercial applications like road paving and parking lots, as well as larger-scale commercial and industrial applications like sports fields, building pads, and site preparation. In addition, our attachments are used in diverse settings such as dirt bike tracks, equestrian arenas, and even the forestry industry.”


How do I order one?


“Ordering is straightforward. Contact us through our website, and one of our representatives will promptly get in touch with you. After confirming compatibility, we will gather your information for invoicing and collect a deposit via Visa or Mastercard credit card to secure your order. You will receive a deposit receipt via email. Two weeks before your attachment ships, you will receive an email with a copy of the receipt, your final invoice, and wire transfer details. You can make your payment either through wire transfer or, if you prefer, by mailing a check. As soon as we receive your payment, you will receive a notification via email, followed shortly by tracking information. It’s as simple as that.”


*Please note that only Visa or Mastercard credit cards are accepted for deposits.