Skeer System history

If reducing your preparation time of mineral surfaces while standardizing fine grading and surface compaction are your objectives, Skeer System is for you. It took a long development process for Skeer System surface forming equipment to emerge. From the first design to the one that you see today, throught all stages of development and the necessary tests, the equipment is now ready. Years of tests have shown that it is impossible to obtain the qualities referred to by the use of “standard” blades or “buckets.” Specific profiles of Skeer System ensure an ease of operation that reduces the risk of “bad shots” by the operator, even if his experience is somewhat limited or even new.

Fast-pace, multi-purpose grading equipment

The Skeer blades are perfect for excavation purposes, concrete preparation, paving preparation, paver stones preparation and asphalt preparation. The sturdiness of our steel and the design of the blade makes it ideal for multiple type of grounds, including rocky soils. The key is our ‘’traction level/ground zero’’ adjustment and our straight cutting edges that allows the operator to work a lot faster than with conventional attachments. Hardscaping/landscaping jobs will be done faster than ever!