The original warranty honored by SKEER SYSTEM™ is on manufacturing defects for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase. The obligation of SKEER SYSTEM™ facing the buyer is limited to repair and / or replacement of defective components. The replacement and / or repair of components on the equipment is guaranteed for a period of sixty (60) days after the date of replacement and / or repair or the expiration date of the original guarantee. Replacement parts and / or repair must be supplied or approved by SKEER SYSTEM™. Also SKEER SYSTEM™ reserves the right to inspect the defective components requiring replacement and / or repair.


Disclaimer of the warranty & indirect damages:

Any direct or indirect damages of any kind, are not the responsibility of SKEER SYSTEM™. Such losses or damages include, without limitation, costs and damage of all loading / unloading of equipment, transportation, loss of revenue, cost of rental or replacement of equipment, delivery delays, damage to others, or any other cost or damage due to an equipment failure, covered or not by this warranty which SKEER SYSTEM™ has no control over.


This warranty does not apply:

  • If the equipment has been subject to improper use or abuse, neglect, fire or other incident or accident.
  • If the client repairs a manufacturing defect without the permission of SKEER SYSTEM™, which can / may change the efficiency, performance and reliability.
  • On normal maintenance and replacement parts such as hydraulic fluid, used blades and bolts, normal wear of components: like paint finish due to use or exposure to the elements (for example).
  • On consumable components such as blades, “cylinders pins”, linear and rotating polymer (tray / pivots) and all other elements that SKEER SYSTEM™ considers to be a wear component.


SKEER SYSTEM™ expressly disclaims any warranty, implied or otherwise, with respect to interventions, that cause damage or not, made by vendors, dealers, distributors, carriers or others. SKEER SYSTEM™ cannot, under any circumstances, guarantee equipment performance levels of various applications.