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Skeer System’s Bucket for skid steer loaders is a powerful and precise digging and leveling tool for all of your digging and grading projects.  The unique track level adjustment means that you can adjust the cutting edge at the same level as the bottom of the tracks when the arms of the machine are at their lowest point. With this adjustment, the operator doesn’t have to worry about the height of the bucket. He only needs to keep an eye on the tilt. The adjustment also prevents the bottom of the bucket from wearing on the ground. We designed this bucket with a flat cutting edge to reduce the chances of accidentally digging, holding and other common mistakes on digging projects. The cutting edge works great in both forward and reverse operations to ensure a consistent quality of grading and digging.

  1. The fact that the equipment is adjusted to the ground traction level greatly simplifies the work of the operator. The operator does not have to worry about his start adjustment, each time he puts the equipment back on the ground.
  2. The fact that the knife is flat significantly reduces the chances of bad moves (digging / holding).
  3. The fact that the knife is also sharp in reverse mode greatly facilitates the operation and

improves the forming quality when going backward.

  1. The fact that the bottom of the bucket is protected by wear plates means an extended life.
Minimum required horsepower 40 HP
Weight 400 to 800 lbs
Working width 72” 78’’ 80” 84”
HARDOX 450 replaceable cutting edge
Replaceable corner wear plates (2)
Powder coating
Patented technology Traction level adjustment
Adjustable quick attach

Additional information

Weight 330 kg
Dimensions 54 × 78 × 27 cm

78", 80", 84"