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The innovative Skeer System featured in the Pro-Plus Push ‘N’ Grade attachment brings a new level of precision and efficiency to any leveling or grading project. Ideal for excavation, concrete preparation, paving preparation, or any other landscaping application that demands a smooth, level surface. The unique track level adjustment means that you can adjust the cutting edge to the same level as the bottom of the tracks when the arms of the machine are at their lowest point. Two independent wings are adjustable at any required angle. Therefore giving you the possibility to grade at an angle while the base remains level, offering extreme versatility in a wide range of applications. The flat, sharp knife design provides an exceptional surface while resisting digging or holding during operation. Tilting the blade forward while moving backwards also compacts the material, allowing you to easily see any imperfection and get a nice compact finish.

The Pro-Plus allows for both horizontal and vertical pivoting adjustments up to 60 degrees, which means an 8-way attachment that can do ”V” shapes in only one push.


Electrical Controls

Electrical controls for any machine included with purchase. 14-Pin and 8-Pin electrical harnesses available for all the common brands. If you’re interested in more than one electrical harness, please give us a call at 1-866-641-3168.


  • Grade and level surfaces with ease
  • Operate in forward or reverse
  • Designed for maximum versatility and efficiency  (Push ‘N’ Grade)
  • 60 degree vertical and horizontal pivot
  • 2 independent side wings that can be set at different angles
  • Ground Traction level adjustment
  • Flat cutting edge in contact with ground
  • Central blade pivot assembled with polymer for reduced wear
  • Side Wing blade pivot assembled with polymer coating for reduced wear
  • Capable of digging below ground for more aggressive application
  • Resists digging and holding
  • Powder coated
  • Electrical harness included with purchase
Minimum required horsepower 60 HP
Weight +/- 1100 lbs
Central part width 7 feet
Length of wings (each) 2.5 feet
Working widths 7 feet, 9.5 feet, 12 feet
Removable cutting edges
Polymer pivots
Powder coating and primer
Patented technology Traction level adjustment
Flat cutting edge
Central plate and wings on pivots
Hydraulic Cross Over Relief
14 Pin Electrical Harness
60 degrees swivel
Adjustable quick attach
4 – way
Independent wings and angled working

Additional information

Weight 530 kg
Dimensions 101 × 214 × 96 cm