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The ExBeam is meticulously designed to elevate the capabilities of your excavator, allowing you to achieve impeccable quality finish results in half the time compared to conventional methods.

Its application is particularly well-suited for precision tasks such as grading, leveling, and detailed excavation, where achieving flawless, clean results is paramount.



This model is available as a fixed unit, which can be paired with any tiltrotator, or as a tilting version, allowing the operator to move from side to side for maximum versatility. The ExBeam is available for excavators ranging from 3.5 to 10 tons.



  • Capability to achieve final grade and carry material with one same attachment
  • Powder Coated Paint
  • 14.5’’ Hardox 450 Replaceable Cutting Edge14.5’’
  • Hardox 450 Replaceable Cutting Edge
  • Pivot Movements on High-grade Polymer

This equipment is just ridiculous. I would never do grading again with my ditch bucket. It’s the ultimate tool for final grade with an excavator.

– Martin Lafond, Lafond Excavating

Fixed With tilt/swivel
Working width 60’’   72’’   84’’   100’’ Working width 60’’   72’’   84’’   100’’
Customizable Pin Grabber coupler Optional Customizable Pin Grabber coupler Optional
Side plates kit (simple) Standard Side plates kit (simple) Standard
Side plates kit (double) Optional Side plates kit (double) Optional
18,5’’ replaceable cutting edge in Hardox 450  Tilt/swivel 80 degrees
Powder coating Cylinder brackets in Hardox 450
Plates and pivots for swivel movement in alloy steel
1 or 2 hydraulic cylinders depending on which size
18,5’’ replaceable cutting in Hardox 450
Powder coating

Skeer System offers a 1-year parts and labor on all products sold.