Machine Control 2D/3D Ready

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This machine control ready unit with guidance components allows work in automatic, assisted or manual function. Our integrated technologies allow as much to push huge amounts of material as to make the final grading:

  • Compatible with the Skeer System leveling blade model of your choice
  • *Compatible with all 2D and 3D automated guidance systems: laser, RTS, GPS / GNSS (Leica, Trimble, Topcon, etc …)
  • The flat knife + angle of our cutting edges allows an unequaled speed of operation in automatic mode and give the stability to avoid the need of adding wheels.
  • All automated movements are done directly on the attachment to ensure high accuracy and facilitate the installation (no hydraulic installation needed on the motorized vehicle)

*Guidance components sold seperately

Electrical Harness

An electric harness is included with the purchase. Harnesses are available for common brands and models (8 pins / 14 pins). In addition, if necessary it is possible to make a custom harness.


  • « 3D Ready »
  • Proportional valve
  • Polymer pivots
  • Removable hydraulic cylinder parts
  • Hydraulic safety device
  • Logically designed for superior versatility and efficiency
  • 60 degrees of lateral and vertical pivoting
  • Independent wings; possibility to open each wing independently and at the desired angle (if applicable)
  • Double-edged flat knife, the ability to level from front to back
  • Powder coated
  • Electric harness (1) supplied with purchase of equipment
  • Possibility to compact the ground in reverse mode with cutting edge slightly inclined forward
  • The fact that the cutting edges are flat significantly reduces the chances of bad moves (digging / holding) and enables us to avoid adding wheels or any device to prevent the cutting edge of digging in the soil
  • The fact that the equipment is adjusted to the ground traction level greatly simplifies the work of the operator. The operator does not have to worry about his start adjustment, each time he puts the equipment back on the ground

Additional information

Choix du modèle / Model Choice

PRO, Pro Plus, Pro Plus OS

Minimum Horsepower:
50 HP
1000 to 1300 Lbs
Length of Central Beam:
7 to 8.4 ft
Length of Wings (if applicable):
2.5 ft
Working Width:
8.4 to 13.4 ft
Horizontal Pivoting:
60 degrees
Vertical Pivoting:
24 degrees
6 to 8 positions

Skeer System offers a 1 year warranty on parts and labor for all the products and accessories. Call us or consult the operator’s manual for more information.