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SKEER SYSTEM Caracteristics

Equipment suitable for the king of equipment operating in the field of “leveling”, specifically those types using skidsteer. This equipment is characterized by several specific elements whose main principle relies on the profile’s relative buoyancy. In this sense, the base blade is parallel to the ground and fixed to a rail assembly allowing adequate movement of soil for shaping all mineral substrates.

Equipment with a low profile, fitted with folding wings, with anti-abrasive and floating blade for:

  1. To avoid the “bad shots” found in operation
  2. To identify more and less compacted areas in order to correct consistency
  3. To form surfaces underneath obstacles (steps, coating, door overhang, etc.)
  4. To complete confined areas (equipment folded narrower than the tracks of “skidsteer” and pivoting of shaping devices)
  5. Quick attachment
  6. Versatility of use


Buoyancy is very reliable and works without electronic devices (e.g. laser), electrical, hydraulics or others. It can therefore provide a very capable working speed as the risk of a “bad move” becomes virtually impossible for a minimally trained operator. What is not negligible either, is that the pressure on the ground, during the shaping of certain substrates such as soil, highlights the less compacted areas versus those that are more compacted; visual appearance differs depending on the rate of compaction. The equipment can be used to perform finishing work but also to push larger quantities of material. Often, this versatility allows the operator to not have to use the bucket. The central pivot helps carry out the work in cramped areas. Folding wings allow the operator to form angular and rounded slopes, but also to carry the equipment laterally (less than 102″ trailer) when traveling on the road. The shaping speed can vary from 0 to 20 km/hour, which is excessively fast if one also considers that the maximum width is 12 feet.

Physical Structure:

  1. Standard and adjustable quick raising coupler
  2. Triangular steel structure with pivot plates
  3. Central and wings beam made of laser cut tube
  4. Two single-action cylinders for the central pivot
  5. Two double actions cylinders for folding wings
  6. Cutting edges made of steel with high resistance to abrasion
  7. Electrical controls integrated with joystick
  8. Forward speed from medium to very fast (up to the maximum speed of travel of the skidsteer)
  9. Unconstrained 12 foot leveling width due to the foldability of the wings

Specific features

  1. Designed with versatility to shape (flat and rounded versus flat only) surfaces and to push material
  2. Equipped with folding side wings
  3. Helps push large amounts of material in “raised wing” mode
  4. Allows leveling at high speed since the base of the blade is located on a flat knife equipped with cutters that very effectively limit the risks of “getting stuck” in the soil
  5. Very versatile since the blade can be formed with one or two wings or positioned individually flat or angled for a total width of up to 12 feet
  6. Central pivot to reach tight spaces and improved stability on soil (triangulation relative to tracks)
  7. Central pivot “plate” type assembled with polymer reducing premature wear and ensuring maximum stability
  8. “Single action” pivoting cylinders pivot to ensure a hydraulic release when pushed beyond the capacity of traction
  9. Design for shaping soil surfaces near objects or obstacles
  10. Leveling in both directions (forward and backward)