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Skeer System is the result of a long process of design and development. The first version was made in 2014 and has gradually evolved into the version presented to you today. The designer is a skilled operator in the field of mineral surfaces shaping. After several years trying every single grading equipement (Dozer blade, Land Plane, Box scraper, bucket) his experience has inspired a simple prototype, which over the years has led to the development of different versions. Today we are pleased to offer you an amazing version of this long process, the Skeer System. The equipement is for different types of applications (landscaping, hardscaping, rough preparation, earth moving, fine grading, concrete preparation, paving preparation, paver stones, excavation). This site is dedicated to this product range in order to meet very specific needs. To understand its features, but also the undeniable advantages of Skeer system, we would like to invite you to watch the videos on the website.