30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee program is introduced by Skeer to give potential customers the opportunity to buy a  Skeer and have a the oppurtunity to return it for free.  Skeer wants to give the opportunity to everyone considering our products and have the chance to try it out.

Available models:

• In the event that the potential customer would want to return the equipment, he will have
to cover costs of round-trip shipping (initial shipment to the customer and shipment back
to the manufacturer).
• To save on return shipping costs, customers also have the option of keeping the equipment
in a suitable area at their facility on the original skid it arrived on until Skeer ships it out to
another potential customer, in this case the customer will have to only cover the fees for
the initial shipment.
• To get started with this program, we require the equipment to be paid in entirety before the
equipment is sent to the customer, upon a return, the customer will be refunded in entirety,
except for shipping fees.
• If the equipment is a brand-new unit when shipped from the factory and the customer
decides to keep it, it will be sold at a price equivalent to an equipment in new condition. If
the equipment is a demo unit in used condition, the total pricing of the equipment will be at
a considerably lower price to compensate for the wear of the equipment.
The potential customer will be overcharged if:
• If the equipment has been subject to improper use or abuse, neglect, fire or other incident
or accident.
• If the equipment has been stolen or lost.
• If the client repairs a manufacturing defect without the permission of SKEER SYSTEM™,
which can / may change the efficiency, performance, and reliability.